Trimming Wally's Fenders for 33s

November 2002
So, we went and bought 33x12.50x15 tires for Wally before the 2002 Ouray FSJ Invasion. They ran fine on the road. They didn't quite fit inside the fenders right when going through off road articulation. I managed to sipe the edges of the tires in the rear and take a few chunks out of the edge of the front ones. So, I worryied myself with the idea that I was going to cut good, clean steel to make it work and keep the tires. Finally we bit the bullet, borrowed a sawzall and bought some new blades. The work paid off. The rear fenders were cut 1.5" all the way around. This leaves a gap between the outer skin and fender well. It was filled with concrete repair silicone in a large tube. Plenty of sealer was pumped in to seal moisture out. The sealer cracked during the winter and needed another bead applied. The front fenders were trimmed in the front by the lower brace where the tires rubbed also. The tires pictured here are the old Bridgestone 32x11.50s.
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January 2007 - Just starting on 2nd matched set of 33x12.5x15 Baja Wide Track tires.