Last FSJ Project of the Year
Water Pump and Fan Clutch

December 31, 2004

We started to notice some vibrations from the engine compartment on our California trip in September. Little did we know, the fan clutch and water pump bearings were going out. By the time we caught it, it was the end of November and there was 3/4 inch play in the clutch and it had spewed oil all over the back of the fan and front of engine. New clutch and water pump were purchased at NAPA. Life has kept us busy for a while and we finally had a chance to do the repairs today. The water pump was painted a couple days ago to make the task easier.

Water pump impeller had scared the timing chain cover, indicated by yellow arrow. No permanent damage though. It was also a good time to clean off the timing marks as they were sludged.

Jeepstress and I work very well together on FSJ projects. The weather was a balmy 42 degrees F and a cold chill from the north along with Pacific moisture moving in. We needed to get this done before the next snowfall. We switched off and on wrenching duties with each other while the other would warm hands in the pockets.

New and Old pumps. Yellow arrow indicates where impeller was rubbing on timing chain cover. The old pump only had about 20k miles on it. So, no more rebuilt water pumps, eh. Only new ones...

Putting it back together. The sun was gone for the day and the temp was beginning to drop. This is when the fingers start to slow down...

New pump installed!

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