Phoebe's "new" Brush Guard

August 2004

In the Autumn of 2001, I came across a factory FSJ brush guard for 79 and newer style one piece bumpers down in Farmington, NM and bought it for $25. My goal was to put this on Phoebe for Krista, but it would need to be modified first. The mounting tabs for the bumper attaching points needed to be moved for the 3 piece bumper. This project sat waiting patiently for almost 3 tears. We got a friend to move and weld up the tabs for us. The eggcrate grille was removed, stipped, polished and black trim re-apllied. The grille insert had a few cracks too, so they were repaired with JB Weld and the insert was painted gloss black. The parking lights were refurbished and the grille installed back on the Wagoneer. The brush guard was then stripped, sanded, primed and painted Krista's favorite color before it was installed.

Tab that needs to be moved on each side.

This is what it looks like attached to the 1 piece bumper. The tabs mount to existing bumper bolts. These bolts are under the rubber bumper guard if so equipped.

Below you can see where the tab is moved to backside of verticle strut so it can be attached to the 3 piece bumper bolt.

Better look at the moved tab.

Mounting point on the frame is the same as the aft bumper mount bolt.

Completed installation.