Phoebe gets a real lift!

June 29, 2003

We had been putting this little project off too long by this point. We picked up a used 4" Rancho lift in winter of '02. It has sat in the garage all this time. Sunday, I was motivated to help someone pull the 360 out of Rusty out back. When the new engine owner left, I got busy pulling the steering box off Rusty for Phoebe. Then I went straight into installing the lift. At one point one of my jacks collasped because I didn't have the valve tight enough. Krista came to the rescue to find I was lifting Phoebe. We got finished just before dark. Doesn't she look awesome? Turns out the lift is more like 5" instead of 4 and is taller than Wally!

Phoebe was bought in September 2000
for a mere $100 with the tranny and transfer
case laying in the back. We got her on the road
again in January 2001.

This was then:

Up to 4" lift and 32" MTRs
Big difference, eh?

Onward to OURAY!

Kozmo didn't want to miss out on the photo session.
He is still bent out of shape that we didn't take him to Ouray
last year to win the ugliest FSJ award! =8-)