5 new tires for used tire prices

June 16, 2007 - Tires are tech right? They sure make a difference in the performance of your FSJ. We just scored a smoking deal on tires for the J20.

I was headed to the farm in McElmo Canyon to pick up the car trailer at the folks place and saw a bunch of tires at the Big O store in Cortez. I couldn't resist the prices on brand new tires for used prices. They just bought the inventory for Cortez Tire when they went out of business recently. I dug through the pile and found 2 matching Terra Tracs and 2 matching Winter Tracs and a Polar Trac for a spare. Got 5 new 265-75R16 tires for $55 each! The spare had been a split rim with a nylon tire with tube on it. What a relic. So I sprang for a new white spoke teel wheel to fit tire #5. All of them measured 31.75" tall by 8.25" wide tread width. Just in time because I made a 120 mile round trip this afternoon on the new tires to rescue a Dodge Spirit and bring it home!