FSJ Tech

Link Description
Borg Warner 1305/1339 QuadraTrac Jubilee Jeeps has lots of Quadratrac information.
FSJ Instrument Clusters Not sure how tech this really is but has a home here. More info about the differences in the dashes over the years.
1973-1985 Instrument Clusters Some technical info on the radio noise suppressor and different types of speedometers used in this style cluster.
1963-1983 Clutch Linkage Different FSJ clutch linkage designs.
AMC VB Heads AMC V8 head information
NP208 D300 AMC Jeep NP208 and Dana 300 rebuild manual
Jubilee Projects
Warn Winch Santa brought us a Warn XD9000i for Christmas 2008
SOA SOA on Luna, 76 Wagoneer
Luna Mods August 2008 - taking Luna to the next level, 33s, trim frenders, bumpers...
76 Cherokee to the scrapper September 2001 ~ September 2007 - final days of a 76 401 Cherokee S NT
75 Waggy to the scrapper March 2006 ~ September 2007 - final days of a 75 401 Wag
Buick 350 What does a Dauntless 350 look like?
J20 Tires June 2007 - 5 new tires for Artemis!
GEMOBX Stainless Battery Tray May 2007 - Installation of Gary Miller's really nice battery tray upgrade for rusty FSJs.
Facelift for an 88 GW April 2006 - The original grille had about a quarter million miles on it. It was dented, cracked, stapled, folded and mutilated.
Water Pump Replacement December 2004 - Last project of the year.
Brush Guard September 2004 - Refurbished the eggcrate grille and installed a factory brush guard on Krista's 77 Wagoneer.
401 Project June 2004 - We worked 4 weekends through June to upgrade my 88 GW with 401 madness.
Jacobs Off Road Energy Pak May 2004 - Installing a Jacobs Off Road Energey Pak on Krista's 77 Wagoneer in search of better spark.
2003 Pre-Ouray Preparations July 2003 - Not really tech material. Just showing off some of the work done on Krista's 77 Wagoneer.
4" Lift June 2003 - Not really tech material. Just showing off the 4" lift on Krista's 77 Wagoneer.
Trimming a GW for 33s November 2002 - When you have a 4" lift on a Wagoneer or NT Cherokee, 33s are going to be a tight fit. Here is where a sawzall comes in handy.
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