Stainless Steel Battery Tray


There is this fellow on the Outer Banks of North Carolina who makes stainless steel battery tray replacements for Full Size Jeeps. Our latest acquisition had a battery tray that was pretty shot. Before we went to Moab in April 2007, I found 2 bolts missing and cracks all through this rusty old tray. The lip that holds the bottom of the battery needed some bending so the battery would stay in place. While on Steel Bender trail, Krista was coming down off an obstacle and the J20 landed pretty hard. The battery jumped out of the tray and made all kinds of racket hitting the fan. We can't have that going on! Fortunately, there was no permanent damage.

Well about that time Gary got some more supplies to build a batch of stainless steel battery trays, so we ordered one up. It makes the old one look like real junk.

The fender well had taken a beating from having two missing bolts for who knows how long, the forward hole was all busted out and plenty of paint missing and rust from battery acid eating at the old tray and area around where it was bolted to the fender well. That area was cleaned up, sanded and a couple coats of paint applied. Two large washers were used on each side of the big hole when the new tray was installed.

The new stainless steel tray looks pretty nice in there! No more rusty tray!

Battery installed.