FSJ Instrument Clusters
basically came in 3 flavors

1963 Wagoneer
Very basic design - Speedo, Gas & Temp gauges
Oil & Alt idiot lights - Turn Signals & HiBeam

1967 Wagoneer is similar with silver panel color

Better view of a 67 Wagoneer cluster removed from dash:

The 1973 to 1985 model Wagoneers, GW, Cherokee and J-Truck had this with different options on overlays. There was plain black, machined aluminum and wood grain. The black was fairly common on J-Trucks like this 1979 J20. The gauges include fuel, temp, oil & amp. These gauges are not always reliable and seemed to be an AMC option. Lights include 4WD, EDrive, EBrake, HiBeam, Turn Signals. There were also different styles within this basic design. 73-75 used a different font style and had 120 mph speedometer. 76-79 used 100 mph speedometer. 80-85 used a 85 mph speedometer.

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This is from an 81 Wagoneer Limited with wood grain overlay:

This is in an 80 J20 with plain black background - no overlay.

Better view of just cluster w/100 mph speedo used from 76 to 79:

73 to 75 style with 120 mph speedo:

The 1986 - 1988 Jtrucks and 1986 - 1991 GWs look like this.

Not a good angle, but you can get the idea...

HVAC controls in center of dash are Ford style. It is possible the cluster is too. The gauges are left and right in cluster with speedometer in the middle. This is Wally, my 88 GW. I have a difficult time with dash light glare off the back of steering column and wheel onto the windshield. So, I keep instrument lights dim most the time.

All these instrument cluster styles were built into
the same basic dash design through all years.