Face Lift

FSJ: Wally the 401nderwagon, an 88 Grand Wagoneer. This original grille has close to a quarter million miles on it and has taken various road abuse from deer, rabbits, birds, sand, rocks - - - well, you get the idea. The factory brush guard had also seen some close encounters since installing it in 98. It was time for a face lift.

The old grille removed, mounting tabs removed, the valance cleaned, sanded and painted black, tranny cooler moved up and back just a little to clear the egg crate grille. The round headlight buckets are also mounted. One of the lower holes matched the rectangular headlight mounting points. The other three has been mounted with galvanized straps (hardware store) that are bent to fit the bucket to correct position on the front valance.

The parking lights have been disassembled, cleaned and repainted.

Fitting new to us 2x4 tube bumper with factory brush guard welded to it. Some sawzall and grinder trimming was necessary at the front corners of the fenders.

Ready for new Grille

The new grille was a freebie from a 76 Wagoneer. The grille insert was a little cracked, so epoxy repairs were affected and the insert was painted with white/grey/black textured paint. The headlight bezels were badly pitted, so they were painted black. The grille frame was pitted as well, so it was cleaned and painted silver with black accent stripe across the bottom.