Project 401

Part I
- Wrenching by Flint & Krista
Photos by Krista

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June 5, 2004

The Donor: Kozmo - 1976 Cherokee S NT

We started with a 1976 401 from the above mentioned Cherokee. This engine was built in a race shop in Albuquerque several years ago, but only has 40,000 miles on it when pulled for the transplant. It is bored .030 over with forged pistons. Oil pressure has been good and compression checks out just fine. It had a couple lifters making some noise, so a new Comp Cams 260H and lifters were acquired. Timing chain and gears also replaced. It also got a Edelbrock SP2P intake that was bead blasted and a Carter AFB 750 carb on top a 1 inch open spacer. A new water pump was installed as well.

Click on thumbnails for larger view...

Kozmo the Street Stomper

hood removal

wadda we have here?


let the Light shine on!

ready for compression test

bird's eye view

get ready


er, pull!

arghh, pull...

hmmmmph, PULL!

Phoebe pulled it

remove mounts,dump oil

get ready to clean

401 Baybee!

Krista Helped!
Kozmo reserves the right to come back to life in donor parts!

The heart of a 401 Cherokee powers Wally the 401nderwagon