2008 Luna Upgrades

August 2008

We are going to 33s on this SOA Waggy that has about 6" lift. Ryan came by at the beginning of the month with his new sawzall and I got busy trimming rust to make more room for 33s. Michael Shimniok has graciosly donated the MTRs from Troubled Child. We picked up the first two at Ouray FSJ Invasion in July.

Then it was time to put the bumpers on. A factory winch bumper we got from our buddy Jerry down in Globe, AZ. The rear bumper is a one off build from good friend Tad in Tucson. A chrome hoodbar was also added. She is starting to look like she is going somewhere where there is no asphalt. 401-AFX = Alter Factory eXperimental. =8-)

A complete black headliner from a 75 Wagoneer replaces the old sand colored one that had been modified into 4 pieces and reupholstered that housed rodents at some point in time. All the rails, trim, corners, visors and lamp covers replaced.

While we were in Ouray last month, the passenger door window track fell apart. While trying to pull the glass up with some pliers, I shattered the window. It would be easier to just replace the door I think. The door I had in mind turned out to be in worse condition with stress cracks and rotten wing window gasket. It took an afternoon of PB blasting and wrenching the two doors apart to swap the glass in the original door. I am pretty happy with the results and we won't have a red door on the Waggy.

More will be revealed... Thanks Michael, Scott, Jerry, Tad & Ryan!