Rebuilding the QT with
MileMarker PT Kit

November, 2008

Initial Inspection

The case had been granaded at some point by a bad chain and then welded up. This is probably when the PT kit was installed. You can see some yellow on the main sprocket bearing. That is rust. Some water had been introduced and the bearing surface of the sprocket was damaged by pitting. Fortunately, there was no water inside the rest of the case.

So, I started with another case and dug out a couple good yokes.

Ryan had a new seal kit and chain for the job. He also provided another case that supplied most of the shifter parts he needed.

The shifter was messed up, so I had to dig through some spares to put a complete shifter together.

New chain, seal kit and collection of spare parts and the patient is just about ready to be closed up.

Good to go.