Janie's QuadraTrac Project

For many months we have been on the lookout for a used Quadratrac with a MileMarker part time conversion kit already in it for Janie. Flint came across one in the summer of 2006 but it turned out to have a 16% overdrive kit in it and she wanted a 1:1 system. This winter, we agreed to build a Quadratrac with a new part time kit for Janie if she supplied the parts. Janie's project now has it's own section in the Jubilee Jeeps Quadratrac site. On March 5, 2007, we received the MileMarker conversion kit and seal kit directly from BJ's Offroad. More information will be made available here as we make progress with this project.

Assembly of Janie's QuadraTrac with MileMarker Kit

Here is what we got in the shipment.