Story of a QuadraTrac

February 22, 2008

As told by Flint:
When I moved to Colorado in 2001, I didn't waste any time picking up a 401 donor for my 88 Grand Wagoneer. This Cherokee belonged to Krista's father for many years. It had bad case of body cancer in the rear half from towing and launching the family pleasure boat off a trailer along the coast of NC while in the care of the first owner. When Lu had the 401 rebuilt in Albuquerque several years ago, he also had a MileMarker kit put in the QuadraTrac because the QuadraTrac differential was worn out. Lu told me it was a 16% overdrive kit when I bought the Cherokee.

The QuadraTrac has been sitting for almost 4 years waiting to be part of a project or sold off. First thing I find when I open it up is a standard drive instead of the 16% OD! There is potential with this discovery. But the Quadratrac has some issues from who ever did the work for Lu. The chain is not a Morse brand, but instead made in China. Not good. The shift fork was broken, a funky coil spring on the shifter shaft, no C clips on the shaft AND no detent ball on the spring for the shift rod. Here we also see a threaded rod instead of the coil spring that locks the shifter collar in the case. It is no wonder I could never get it to shift into four wheel drive!

Reference to what should be installed for the vacuum shifter:

The teeth on the coupler and shift collar are also buggared up and not reliable. It appears the parts are available new from MileMarker. Now we want to rebuild this QT and put it in Krista's trail rig.