9-16-01 Freedom Ride - Hesperus Mtn 

Phobe Home

This morning, Krista and I had a need to go out and be with nature.  This week has been filled with many emotions for all the world.  Our home land was attacked by terrorists.  I read something from a fellow FSJer that moved me to get up and exercise my freedom.  This is something these cowardly terrorists did not take away.  The horrible acts we have seen in pictures and on TV had overloaded us.  It was time to take action.

At noon, we were on the road down to Mancos to fill Phoebe with fuel.  At 12:30, we left the pavement headed up to Jackson Lake ~and~ beyond.  Most of the road is easy gravel until you get up near the Sharkstooth Trailhead.  There we found some rock and roll as well as some mud holes.  Phoebe got all muddy and we had fun.  The dogs got to run around and splash in ponds and puddles as well.  The scenery was awesome and the air was clear.  We are free.

From one vantage point we could see Hesperus Mountain, Sharkstooth Point and Burro Mountain.  After enjoying the view for a while we walked back to the truck where we took particular notice of an old pine tree.  The root structure was huge, the lower growth was very healthy with new cones and growth and the tree top was dead.  There was a nice cradle to sit in at the base.  We sat and listened to the old tree.  What we felt was a grandmother spirit.  She was weary.  She had lived a long life and made shelter for many critters and fought the harsh elements.  In reflection, it reminds me of what our country has been through this week.  We offered the old tree love and respect and thanked her for being there for us.

Then we were off down the trail.  The road lead us back around the backside of the ridge we were on through some beautiful scenery.  At one point we were looking down into the canyon to Bear Creek.  The aspen trees are changing to their golden phase of Fall.  The scrub oaks were lit like fire with yellow, orange and red.  In one particular alpine meadow we chanced upon a huge bull elk with at least 12 points on his rack.  He took no time in moving to lower ground where he went out of site.  What a splendor!  We eventually drove back down to more travelled road and found our selves at the gate to Lost Canyon Ranch.  Soon we arrived back to Hwy 184 and headed home.  What a beautiful day to be alive and free!  Please enjoy the pictures.  They are not nearly what we have stored in our minds and hearts.