Artemis the Moon Goddess
1977 J20

She's Home! ~ Work Truck ~ Maintenance Records

We first saw this truck on 2000 sitting at the Cortez, CO Autozone store with a for sale sign on it. The asking price then was $6500. There was a long list of updates and it looked like it was in pretty good shape. But not good enough for a $6500 check. After we moved to Summit Ridge in 2001, we noticed it lived along the highway between our house and Mancos. So we decided to keep an eye on it. Since then, we moved to north Mancos Valley and the J20 owners moved to new home in south Mancos Valley. We met the owner in 2006 when he was looking for some mechanical advise. In January 2007, he called and wanted to let us know it was for sale. It had been pretty well maintained but a little neglected the last couple years because it was not a daily driver any more. Well, we were happy to bring it home for $1500. It is equipped with a 401, T400 and Quadratrac and has a 4" suspension lift with a GVW of 8000 lbs.

In April 2007, Artemis joined us on the MOAB FSJ Invasion. The first day was Steel Bender trail and she did pretty good. We discovered a few things that need attention from that shake down ride but we are generally impressed with her performance.