Dear FSJ Friends -
Planning for the 14th annual Full Size Jeep Invasion is underway for 2015.
This will be year 16 above the timberline in the San Juan Mountains for Krista and Flint. We always enjoy your company on the trails up there every summer! FnK Boardman

We had the Ouray KOA owner set aside tent sites 42 through 50 for our group. If you wish to reserve other sites that we are not arranging, that is fine as well. If you have to cancel, please contact me (fulsizjeep, Flint) so we can make arrangements for someone else to get the site.

Plan to be checked in to the KOA by Tuesday evening (July 14) because we start hitting the trails Wednesday morning. Please remember: if you cancel less than 48 hours before your arrival date, you pay KOA for at least two nights. Your bill with KOA is your responsibility. Here is the KOA web site: OURAY KOA We recommend you reserve your KOA site by contacting Dave by email or call 1-800-KOA-8026 and ask for Dave. The office is open 8AM to 10PM until Labor Day. When you contact the KOA, tell them you are with the Full Size Jeep Group (not FSJ group).

Forum discussions for Ouray FSJ Invasions are held over here on FSJNetwork

Rules have been updated. Members please observe:
1) We observe KOA rules while at the KOA. Period.
2) Ryan Griffin (Gambler68) is not welcome anywhere within the KOA Campground. That is all we have for that.
3) Wrenching - Minor repairs at your camp site are OK. No fluids of any kind drained at any camp site. ***
4) If you are asked who is in charge, the answer is Dave Brunovsky, KOA owner.
5) As always, bring your low range or park that big dawg at the KOA. What that means is you must have low range on your trail rig, or you can not join us on the trail rides.

*** KOA Dave is allowing us to use a gravel lot up on the dog walk area beyond the garage as you leave the park from the Aspen area. This is where we can do work that involves draining fluids and parts replacements. No heavy work like engine pulls, etc. Take your Jeep somewhere else for that. The Ouray FSJ Invasion Commitee will provide two 5 gallon buckets and heavy tarp for capturing contaminants. Each wrencher must dispose of leftover fluids (not the buckets) responsibly and cleanup trash when done with a work session.

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