FSJs are invading the San Juan Mountains again in 2009! Please plan to be in Ouray by Tuesday evening (July 21). We will be trail riding Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There is the option stay another day and get together for a ride on Saturday as well. The socially acceptable FSJ place to camp is at the Ouray KOA. Sites have been set aside for us to make reservations for the Full Size Jeep group until the end of December. After New Years 2009, these will be made available to the general public. Krista and I have site 47A. Site 47D is the social gathering place for camp fire meetings. Forum discussions for Ouray FSJ Invasions are held over here on IFSJA.

Jubilee Jeeps 2009 Pictures in Photobucket

Pictures from the 7th Annual Ouray FSJ Invasion
CFSJA Official 2002 Invasion site (good info): THE INVASION
Collection of Ouray info by Don S and others at: TX-OK Jeep Club
Trail info from another Ouray site: Ouray Trails
Ouray Trail Conditions

contact Flint or Krista for further questions
Jubilee Jeeps

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