July 15-18
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We are home now from another wonderful Ouray FSJ gathering. What a week! We rolled in Wednesday around 4:30 and got set up by the pond in the KOA. Roadgrime & FlatbackDragon was already set up. No sign yet from the Stoney Pass group from down south. They rolled in before dark. The pond spot is not a bad setup especially if you can get all FSJs in there. Long story short... <is that possible?> We had a great time and fellowship was wonderful with all the attendants.

I had overheating problems right away on Thursday when we all went up to Maggie and Minnie Gulch to shake down rigs for the adventures ahead. The temp hit 250 3 times before we got it under control. J10/J20Project provided a new 16lb. rad cap to replace the 9lb. Roadgrime provided a much needed fan clutch for my 401 and saved my a$$. THANKS Chris! THANKS Paul! Raider had a fuel return line issue. Also the starter solinoid got stuck and Bill couldn't shut off the 360 until the leads were removed. Then it started working fine again. Back at camp in the evening, RoadGrime had a mini wrenchathon to find out why he was running rough at low rpm. Changed the wires after we saw all 4 on the right side appeared to not be firing properly. We went all around looking for vacumn leaks and the right rear carb bolt had a small one. Nothing anywhere else. Took the top of Edelbrock off and checked everything there. Just could not find it. I think Chris needs to try another carb to see if that may show something. I also think there was some drinkin goin on in AZSteve, ColeTrickle and Heimeken's camp that night...

On Saturday, we had a mini wrenchathon on ColeTrickle's Honcho. The vacumn shifter on the QT was not working. (again... remember his Black Bear run with the CJ guys in 2Lo last year?? ) Turns out, the spring was broken on the shift rod holder ball bearing. So we used a remedy I had used on Phoebe once. We made a wood wedge and pryed it in behind the shift fork and capped it back up. YAH, 4WD! Then most of us made a run over Imogene Pass and back around thru Ophir Pass back to Hwy 550. Brewmenn and his daughter went to run Black Bear in the TJ. We got to the top of Imogene and rain & thunder was all around us, but we got a few minutes to stop and take pix without threat of being struck by a thunderbolt or getting soaked. So, I been waiting 4 years to have my rig truely capable of running to 13114 feet! My own 401 on Imogene Pass! Yay Hoo! The rain and cooler weather made it much easier to prevent overheating and/or vapor lock. On the way down, we met Brewmenn coming back over Imogene from the Black Bear run. Ophir Pass was more beautiful than I remember on any other trip. WAY MANY FLOWERS! I think there was some drinkin goin on in AZSteve, ColeTrickle and Heimeken's camp that night...


We took Bones up for the memorial Sunday at Yankee Boy Basin. This group was all FSJs (12) and the weather was awesome with some showers and a fine but sad send off was made for Bones the Wondermutt, dog of many FSJ trail rides and more... <sniff> The task was not easy. So, now he resides up high to chase picas and marmutts. Some of the guys and gals went up aroun by Engineer Pass down to Animas Forks and on the Silverton after. 4x4CherokeeinColorado had a motor mount break and dented his newly painted hood. Don S had some ignition problems that got remedied near the end of the return. Now it is wired with a toggle switch for the coil power and Ralph took care of ignition linkages and steering wheel lock. I think there was some drinkin goin on in AZSteve, ColeTrickle and Heimeken's camp that night...

Yankee Boy Basin view... Bone's new home. Go git 'em boy!
Bones' Home  =8-)
We are both so glad to have met and wheeled with everyone!

Attendees (by order of roster list):
Flint & Krista (Jeepstress) Boardman & Butter the Spazzmutt - 88 GW (Wally) & 77 Wag (Phoebe)
Steve Rath (AZ J20) - 86 J20 (Viscacha)
Carey Kuhn (4x4n In A Cherokee In Colorado) & family - 80 Cherokee S WT
Rick, Wendy and Joshua Brent (Badaboom) - 81 J10 Laredo
Matt Faber (J-truck Thing) - 96 Buick Century
Chris (Roadgrime) and Julie Myers - 79 Cherokee WT
Bruce Menning (Brewmenn) & daughter Lacey - 98 TJ Sahara
Jaime Sepulveda (Heimeken) - 85 Wag (The Caterpillar)
Phil (Flatbackdragon) & Sue Frederick & Clyde the dog - 79 Cherokee WT (Draco)
Don (DonS) & Doris Schrepel - 76 Wag
Kerry (Turtlejoe), Denise, Jason and Brian Tams - 04 Rubicon
Kenny Cole (ColeTrickle) - 79 J10 Honcho (The Honcho)
Paul Mann (J10/J20 Project) - 93 XJ
Bill (Raider) Thomas & family - 82 Cherokee Laredo
Ralph (Ralph) & Montana - 82 Wag Limited
(please correct us if any of this is inaccurate)

This web site is dedicated to Bones the Wundermutt
Bones at Yankee Boy Basin

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