1963 - 1991 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

2 door from sales literature

The Wagoneer was the first of a series of Full Size Jeeps (SJ) Introduced by Willys.  From 1963 through 1983, the Wagoneer name plate was used on the full size wagons and went from Willys, to Kaiser, to AMC ownership.  When the smaller XJ Wagoneer (1984-2001 Cherokee body design) was introduced, the Full Size Wagoneer name was changed to Grand Wagoneer. In 1987 Jeep was bought by Chrysler Corporation. During the Wagoneer production era, there were a variety of different models including 2 Door models with glass or metal panels, Wagoneer Custom, Super Wagoneer and Wagoneer Limited to name a few.  Most the Grand Wagoneer's have the full side wood grain applied.  There were some exceptions to this with special orders for fleet and government use.  The basic Wagoneer body went unchanged through all production years.  This and the following pages show samples of sales literature and pictures of the classic Wagoneers still on the road and trail today...

link to 1966 Super Wagoneer AD

There were some cosmetic changes to the grill design over the years. The 1963 through 1965 Wagoneers had a small grill inserted in the front valance that is more commonly known as the "Rhino" grill. Beginning in 1966, the Wagoneer line adopted the full width Razor grill with exception of the 2 door Panel, which retained the Rhino grill. The Razor grill was used into the early 1970 models. During the 1970 model year another grill style was introduced to differentiate the Wagoneer from the J-Trucks which had also adopted the Razor style grill that year. The grill introduced on the 1970 Wagoneers has adopted the "Cheese Grater" style name and was used through the 1973 model. From 1974 through the 1978 model year, the grille had same basic frame, but with a plastice grill insert known as the "Egg Crate" style. In 1979 AMC introduced one piece bumpers and square headlights for a whole new face lift on the Wagoneer. The grill had horizontal chrome lines and is typically called a Pig Nose grill but we like to call it the BBQ grill. This grill was also used on the Cherokees and JTrucks in 1979 and 80. In 1981, JTrucks and Cherokees got the vertical bars back in the grill, which is known as the "Muscle" design. Wagoneers had the same grill as in 1979 through the 1985 model year as the classic Wagoneer body design transitioned to the Grand Wagoneer. The 1984 Grand Wagoneer also changed in the rear and adopted the 1983 Cherokee style taillights. From 1986 to the last Grand Wagoneer made in 1991, the grill frame was similar to the JTrucks and has horizontal lines with much less chrome. The following pictures depict the different styles.

63-66 Wagoneer with Rhino Grill

63-65 Wagoneer
with Rhino Grill

67 - 70 Wagoneer with Razor Grill

66 - 70 Wagoneer
with Razor Grill

Early 1970 Wagoneer with Razor Grill

Early 1970 Wagoneer
with Razor Grill

70 - 73 Wagoneer with Cheese Grater Grill

70 - 73 Wagoneer
with Cheese Grater Grill

74 - 78 Wagoneer
with Egg Crate Grill

79 - 85 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Grill

79 - 85 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer with BBQ Grill


86 - 91 Grand Wagoneer Grill

86 - 91 Grand Wagoneer
with Final Edition Grill


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