1967 Charger - Goldy - April 28, 2007

383 cu. in. w/AFB & dual exhaust - 325 horspower
727 Torqueflite - 8 3/4" Chrysler rear axle

My father bought Goldy for my mother in 1974 for $850. She left it with him in 1983 when they seperated. I had not seen this car since 1986 when I moved to Florida from Texas. Not long after my move to Florida, Goldy was delivered to Brad Parker in Hay Springs, Nebraska for a restoration paint job. She stayed in Nebraska for the next 21 years stored safely out of the weather. Here we pan through a time warp as she was simply frozen on the clock. When she was ready to be picked up this year, she was sitting in Gothenburg with brand new paint. Brad delivered Goldy to some great Jeeping friends in Cozad on April 14 and she sat in their garage for a couple weeks waiting for me to come take her to Colorado. Good Jeeping buddy Ryan came on the trip as co-pilot and took these pictures. Thank you friends!

Goldy migrates to Colorado
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Calling Dad

Ready to load on Trailer

Classic 5 1/2' Tail Light

1st Look - Mindblower