1957 Dodge Power Wagon

We do have some limited Dodge Power Wagon experience as well. This section of Jubilee Jeeps is dedicated to the 1957 Dodge Power Wagon my father fell in love with in 1965 and where it is today. The Power Wagon was in loyal service as our beach truck in the mid to late 60s while we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas. A bunch of drunks hit us on the beach one day in 1969 and was totalled. My father, Karl M. Boardman took an aggressive approach to restore it for a few years. The frame is from a 58 or 59 Power Wagon along with the front Spicer 44 axel. The rear axel is original from the 57. The cracked 315 cu. in. V-8 was replaced with a 1957 D500 325 cu. in. HEMI. The hemi had been used in a series of race cars in the 60s and had a dual quad intake on it when he bought it. The engine has never seen driving time since the overhaul in 1969 and installed in the frame. The frame has a hand built 40 gallon stainless steel fuel tank along with stainless fuel and brake lines. Another stainless touch is the handmade mufflers and tail pipes. All stainless work done by my father in 1969. This truck really just needs the body gone over, assembled, painted and driven. Next project right? We'll see... =8-) This site will be updated as we get this fine old steel back together!

Project Power Wagon
Part 1 Picking it up from my Dad in Corpus Christi, December, 2004.
1957 D500 325 cu in HEMI

Another view of a rare D500 325 cu. in. hemi