Rambler Valve Covers

Show below are the AMC "Indy" valve covers reproduced by Tony Zamisch of California Classic AMC.  These are a reproduction of the covers used in the AMC Indy car racing program and are a high-quality sand casting.  These covers were originally designed for the AMC V8 cylinder heads (290-401 engines) but "can" be modified to fit the Rambler V8 heads (250-287-327) with some work.   However, they WILL NOT fit the Rambler chassis with a stock intake manifold and carb., due to the placement of throttle linkage brackets on the fire wall.  They WILL fit an engine with another intake/carb combination.

327fb-amc-cvr-01.jpg (49164 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-02.jpg (56058 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-03.jpg (52911 bytes)

327fb-amc-cvr-04.jpg (23251 bytes)

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