home ~ the first year

1977 Wagoneer - Krista's #3 FSJ
Purchased in Ouray, CO - September, 2000 ~ 58,000 miles
AMC 401/T400/NOS Quadratrac('07)/D44s/3.07 gears
Holley TA 670, Mallory HEI, Voodoo cam & double roller TC set, Hedmans & twice pipes,
5" suspension lift, 31" ProComp AT, custom Tadrack, factory brushguard
Custom body and paint work by Bob, Casey and Tucson FSJ friends
July 6, 2014 ~ 127,150 miles

4" Rancho lift installed 06/29/03


    • September 00 - purchase and bring her home on a U-Haul car trailer
    • January 01 - Replace tail shaft on tranny and hub in t-case. Install tranny and t-case. Round up shifting linkage that was missing. Perform general mechanical inspection. Install new heater core, spark plugs, fuel, air and oil filters and oil. Install 1500 lb overload coils on the back. Runs ok, but t-case keeps shifting to nuetral. Park her for now.
    • April 01 - Discover t-case shifting to nuetral problem is the transmission mount is not tall enough. We don't have original hardware so we make shift something that works good from other mounting parts. =8-) Find good deal on decent used Big O (yeah, Big O, go figure) 30x9.50x15 ATs and replace muffler with Silver Bullet glass pack and replace last two feet of tail pipe. Make trip to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari. First road trip! Running pretty good for $100, 24 year old Jeep!! Flush engine and replace radiator hoses and crossover hose. Transfer case developing some disturbing noises. Tear it apart three times to finally get it fixed. Rebuilt differential in QT from two units and install new BW chain. Investment so far - approximately $950. For real... Thanks Lu for all your help!
    • Aug 01 - Install Rusty's 2" add-a-leaf & new shocks lift kit and 32x11.5x15 Bridgestone Dueler AT tires on 15x8 white spoke wheels (stock hub caps fit right on!). K&N air filter. Repair tailgate so rear window goes all the way up. Investment so far - approximately $1250.
    • Sep 01 - Install new 3 row Modine radiator, water pump and fan clutch. New parts are painted hi-temp Purple! New heater hoses and belts. Runs nice and cool now! Investment so far - approximately $1400.
    • Dec 01 - Borrow front drive shaft from Cherokee project to keep Phoebe on the road.
    • Jan 02 - Cherokee drive shaft not so good either, rebuild original shaft for Phoebe. Investment now up to about $1550.
    • Feb 02 - New front brake pads.
    • Mar 02 - Install the Goodyear MTR 32x11.5x15 tires
    • Sep 02 - Change Quadra Trac out at Ouray Invasion for spare unit, suspecting problems - Later in September it turns out noise is front axel bearings - Replace left stub shaft, new axel knuckles, all new outer axel bearings and Mile Marker locking hubs installed.
    • Oct 02 - Replace power steering pump and high pressure hose from Rusty the donor (81 Wag Ltd) - install new belts - replace transfer case in Aurora with Mile Marker 16% conversion unit after getting stuck in nuetral on Monarch Pass. Thanks Hari for all the help! Problem now with not shifting into 4wd. We'll get a working transfer case in her yet!
    • May 03 - New ignition module and nuetral indicator switch
    • Jun 03 - Replace steering box with unit from Rusty old 81 Ltd and build hybrid Rusty's/ Rancho 5" lift
    • Jul 03 - Overhaul QT with rebuilt diff and new seals - install headers and duals
    • Nov 03 - Install new set of BFG 31x10.5x15 Land Terrains
    • Dec 03 - New glasspack mufflers for Christmas!
    • Feb 04 - New oil pressure sending unit, rewire fuel pump, new dimmer switch
    • May 04 - New Jacobs Off-Road Ignition System, new Borg Warner stock ignition module, 8 mm HP plug wires and Champion Platinum plugs gapped to .050", recharge K&N air filter
    • Sep 04 - New 22 gallon poly fuel tank from BJ's Offroad, refurbish grille and install purple factory brush guard
    • Dec 04 - new water pump and fan clutch
    • Jul 05 - remove, reseal and replace fuel tank
    • Jun 06 - Install remanufactured Quadratrac and it lasted 300 miles - replace transmission with good T400 from 75 Wagoneer because rear output shaft was bad - remove, reseal and replace fuel tank - install BFGs on stock 5 slot wheels
    • Mar 07 - Install NOS Quadratrac
    • Apr 07 - grease and install drive shafts
    • May 07 - repair burnt wiring harness near voltage regulator, disconnect dead Jacobs ignition
    • Nov 07 - New Duralst battery and battery cables
    • Nov 08 - New tranny mount, replace ujoints in front drive shaft, rebuild tailgate with new parts, new starter (twice), replace broken headliner trim
    • Nov 09 - new Mallory HEI, Taylor 8mm wires, Autolite plugs - new 4 row radiator, hoses, thermostat
    • Jun 10 - Engine Work: Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley TA670 carb, Lunati Voodoo 64502 cam & lifters, Cloyes double roller timing set and chain.
    • Aug 10 - Replace original aluminum rocker bridges, rockers and push rods. New bridges are steel.
    • Nov 10 - Overhaul brakes: New rear drums, wheel cylinders, calipers and brake shoes/pads.
    • Nov 10 - Rolled Jeep into arroyo (twice over) coming out of Box Canyon near Florence, AZ. OK - Let's start over - Rolled Jeep thread on IFSJA forum
    • Feb 11 through May 12 - Relocated from Queen Creek to Tucson AZ. Straighten Frame. Replace body with donor from a white 1978 Wagoneer. Many many new and used replacement parts. Fresh white paint with Plum Crazy accents. Drive her home Memorial Day weekend. Thank You Arizona FSJers for the encouragement and many hours of labor!
      Body Swap thread on IFSJA forum
      More work at Casey's shop on IFSJA forum
      Build thread at Bob's on FSJ Network forum
      Phoebe Too unveiled at Tucson Meet & Greet
    • Jun/Jul 12 - Install new ACC black carpet kit with mass backing, felt and insulated floor with water heater blanket material. Swap out the 78 tail lights for a nice shiny set saved from a 75.

2011/2012 rebuild parts - The $100 Jeep that is now a $5000 Jeep

    • Aug 12 - 107,000 miles - Get emergency brakes hooked up for the first time since Krista has had her. Oil pump was leaking. Replace warped BJs Offroad mid-plate with a Bull Tear mid-plate. It is thicker material.
    • Sep 12 - 108,000 miles - Install the original T400 rebuilt by Jeff Yoder of Yellow Jacket, CO. Fresh fluids in tranny and QT. New u-joints on rear drive shaft.
    • Oct 12 - 110,000 miles - Disassemble heater box, clean out rat nest & leaves, tear down motor, clean & oil bushings, repaint, install. Found thermostat was stuck open, new thermostat and gasket. Got heat! Front end alignment.
    • Nov 12 - 111,000 miles - Swap AC compressor from Wally to Phoebe. The original locked up and burned out the belts. Install new reusable air filter and AC belt. Steal speedometer cable off of Luna because this one is toast. Had been feeling some vibrations and found zero weights on the tires. Rebalance tires.
    • Dec 12 - Drive Phoebe in the snow for the first time in almost 3 years!
    • Feb 13 - 113,000 miles - Found the 4 row radiator was leaking as well as the thermostat gasket. Install new 3 row radiator, a fan shroud (original was broke in rollover), alternator and power steering belts, new soft line solution on tranny cooler and new thermostat gasket.
    • Jun 13 - 116,000 miles - Mallory HEI fails. Replaced with a new Mallory HEI.
    • Aug 13 - 119,000 miles - Flying rocks damage windshield. Replaced with new windshield.
    • Jul 14 - 127,150 miles - Install new Ramsay test chain from BJs Offroad in the 60K mile QuadraTrac. Install NOS low range unit also. Disassemble oil pump because of oil leak, check condition of Bull Tear mid-plate (ok), reseal using thin layer of copper coat spray sealant.