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Effective March 11, 2007, we finally have our very own Jtruck at Jubilee Jeeps. Ryan (Gambler68) came over and helped me deliver it. The story I got from the seller was the starter has problems and stays engaged. Well, there is some issue with the ignition switch sticking. We looked it over real good and dropped a battery in it. Where is the Prestolite ignition module? Wow, the dizzy has points in it! Hey, a pertronix breakerless ignition upgrade and we are set! After cranking it over a few times, Ryan tapped on the bottom of the tank and it sounded empty. The seller gave us a couple gallons of gas. We tossed that in and discovered the filler hose leaks. Should we be surprised? The radiator had been drained for winter storage so we filled that up too. The truck has an electric fuel pump pushing to the mechanical pump and we can hear it pushing fuel now. There was some strange noise when the engine first started. It sounded like a broken flexplate. I shut it off and started it a second time. The 401 got very quiet as soon as the idle smoothed down. NOnce the engine warmed up a bit we checked the transmission. It shifted into R & D fine so I drove it up to the owners house where we dropped the camper shell on the back and drove it home. None of the intruments work, but there is a 3 gauge aftermarket set under the dash and they all work fine showing 55 lbs oil pressure, slight charge on the battery and 200 degree operating tempurature. Once we got home and congratulated ourselves for the new addition, we looked it over a bit closer. Turns out the right engine mount tower has cracks in it and the frame strap weld on top is seperated. That is probably the source of the noise we heard when it first started. Next is to get it tagged and tinker with a few things.

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