Jubilee Jeep
2009 Ouray FSJ Invasion Home

  • $500 gift certificate from Hell Creek Suspensions (thanks Tom!) - RECEIVED
  • Brinkman 2 pack - 3 LED Headlight from JBL Dexron (thanks Janie & Bill!)- RECEIVED
  • Black & Decker 400 Watt Power Inverter from JBL Dexron (thanks Janie & Bill!)- RECEIVED
  • $50 cash in yer pocket from JBL Dexron (thanks Janie & Bill!)- RECEIVED
  • TTs Rear Shackle Flip Kit from TT Fabworks (thanks Tad!)- RECEIVED
  • Ouray Mountain Rescue - 2 hats & 4 shirts (2 XL & 2 XXL) $120 value - from Jubilee Jeeps - ACQUIRED
  • 2009 Ouray FSJ Invasion short sleeve shirts (2 L and 2 XXL) from Jubilee Jeeps- ACQUIRED
  • 1 pair of black ABS 1/8" kick panels and 16 pairs of corrugated plastic kick panels from Men in Black (thanks Eric!) - RECEIVED
  • Gift Certificate for a headliner kit and a $50 cash prize from SMS Headliners (thanks Steve!) - $65 value - headliner kit is for any vehicle type and if its specific to the Fullsize Jeep, I will include extra material for sunvisors and overhead console if needed - RECEIVED

Raffle Tickets will be $5 each and available in the evenings at the KOA - See Flint or Krista.

Raffle drawing was held Thursday evening, KOA site 47A

$560 was donated to Ouray Mountain Rescue on July 25, 2009

* BIG BIG THANKS for the donations and to the members who bought tickets! *

Raffle Winners

I am going to try an list everyone who won something. Pretty sure I missed a couple while trying to keep track of who got what. I bought 12 tickets and 6 got pulled and yes Jaime and I both passed on the Hell Creek cert. All the FSJs we want lifts on already have them. There was a fair amount of trading awards between members during and after the raffle too. I got a kick out of that!

We raffled off a bunch of kick panels produced and donated by Men in Black. Then we gave away as many as we could. Pretty sure they were all taken. The nice black ABS plastic set went to Scott after his dad won them.

Student Driver Magnets from Phil of flatbackdragon:
3 - Dan of Carleysjeep (wow!)
1 - Vern of 69HEEP
1 - Derek of shiner2001
1 - Flint

Ouray Mountain Rescue Hats from Jubilee Jeeps:
Phil of flatbackdragon

Ouray Mountain Rescue Tshirt from Jubilee Jeeps:
1 - Casey of firecaptain13
1 - Flint
2 - Charlie

High Country Tshirt from Ryan of Gambler68:
1 - Ken of kennyh
1 - Flint

2009 Ouray Tshirts from Jubilee Jeeps:
1 - BethAnn of RiverRat
1 - Ken of KennyH
1 - Phil of flatabackdragon
1 - Flint

Headlamps from JBL House of Dexron:
Alan of ne715

Power Inverter from JBL House of Dexron:
Jaime of Heimeken

$50 cash prize from JBL House of Dexron:
Dan of Carleysjeep

$50 cash prize and headliner kit ($65 value) from SMS Headliners:
Phil of flatbackdragon

TT Fabworks gift certificate for Shackle Flip Kit:
Ken of kennyh

2009 Ouray logo on wood framed ceramic tile from Bryan and BethAnn:
1- Phil of flatbackdragon
1 - Ryan of Gambler68

5 premium cigars from Ken of kennyh:
Dan of Carleysjeep
Scott of srobertsfsj

Hell Creek Gift $500 Certificate:
Scott of srobertsfsj

On Saturday, July 25th, we delivered
$560 to Ouray Mountain Rescue
for a new brick on their wall:
2009 Ouray Full Size Jeep Invasion
- When in doubt, go higher -