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For 2007, we invade the San Juan Mountains with our FSJs all over again! Please plan to be in Ouray by Tuesday evening (July 10). We will be trail riding Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There is the option stay another day and get together for a ride on Saturday as well. The socially acceptable FSJ place to camp is at the Ouray KOA. Krista and I have site 47A. Site 47D is the social gathering place for camp fire meetings. IFSJA.ORG Forum discussions for Ouray FSJ Invasions are over HERE.


2007 Invasion Pictures

Ouray FSJ Invasion Charity Raffle: We will be raffling off some products from a hand full of vendors and friends. The entire proceeds from the raffle will go to Ouray Mountain Rescue Team. It is a great cause and we might just need thier help some day. There will be $2 and $10 raffler tickets available at site 47A when we are there. Drawing will be held Thursday evening. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Especially the following vendors: BJs Offroad, TT Fabworks, ZM Jeeps, Gary Miller and SMS Headliners. Members are encouraged to shop at the IFSJA Vendor Forum.

Since we are not sure how long everyone might be able to stay, be sure and let KOA know which day you plan to depart. It is pretty laid back in the back by the aspens and only a short walk to the bathroom and showers. You are responsible to get and pay for your sites if you stay at the KOA or anywhere else. The best bet is to determine if you can make it to the 2007 Ouray FSJ Invasion and reserve early. Please remember: if you cancel less than 48 hours before your arrival date, you pay Dave for at least two nights any way. There is a change in reservations for 2007. They will charge your credit card for 1 night for each reservation you make. You bill with KOA is your responsibility. Here is the KOA web site: OURAY KOA You can reserve a site by the Internet HERE, by email to Dave or call 1-800-KOA-8026. Dave and Deborah spend the winter in Florida and will be leaving Ouray by the end of October until next Spring. They can take your reservations from where ever they are, but it may take a couple to a few days to make your connection once he has left for Florida. Please be patient. Reserved sites are shown with an asterisk on the map below.

Here is a link to other lodging options. Note: Discounts mentioned at that link only applied to the 2002 Ouray FSJ Invasion.

Here is the deal... Our FSJ gatherings are totally unorganized and unofficial, but that doesn't mean it has to be disorganized. We would like to meet with everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday evening to figure out where folks would like to ride during the next few days. (there is a good link below to show trails of the area) Then theindividuals involved can discuss their plans for the week. Meeting times and places can be decided for the trail rides at that time. No person on any trail ride can be designated "the leader", "the guide" or any name that gives the impression that they are in charge. All that show up are their own leader. A person can head up the trail and the others have the option to follow the Jeep in front of them. Each driver is responsible for their own actions and the occupants of their vehicles. There are four auto parts stores in Montrose (about 35 miles north of Ouray) for those who have wrenching needs. Autozone, Carquest, Checkers and NAPA. Unfortunately, the NAPA owner is not that easy to deal with and I personally refuse to do business with him. It is up to you who you do business with. =8-)

NOTE: There is just one requirement we make for those who join us on the trail rides. You must have a low range transfer case in your vehicle.

This will be our (Krista & Flint) 8th FSJ gathering in the San Juan Mountains. FSJ Recon missions started in 1999 for the big Invasion of 2002, so the locals are pretty familiar with our gatherings. The trails are from mild to wild with most in the middle. Poughkeepsie is probably the most challenging and that is just on one obstacle with 3 approaches. We recommend at least a locker in the rear to traverse Poughkeepsie Gulch. We have seen totally stock rigs make most of the trails. As usual, the big thing to try and plan for is the altitude. Overheating and vapor lock are common. In warm summers, there are some who get challenged with vapor lock issues. Be prepared to deal with Vapor Lock and tune for High Elevation ( > 8500 feet ).

Trails on West side of Hwy 550
Yankee Boy Basin

CFSJA Official 2002 Invasion site: THE INVASION
Collection of Ouray info by Don S and others at: TX-OK Jeep Club
Trail info from another Ouray site: Ouray Trails
Ouray Trail Conditions

contact Flint or Krista for further questions


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