The 2007 Ouray FSJ Invaders raise $1000 donation to
Ouray Mountain Rescue Team

We also gave them a FSJ Rescue Tonka to keep at the new building!

On Thursday evening, July 12, in a pouring rain storm, we had a shark frenzy for the raffle under a canopy and umbrellas at KOA site 47A. Vendors and members alike came to the table to provide real nice prizes. Here are the results.

We started with the $2 tickets...

ZM Jeeps $25 gift cert - Krista & Flint
ZM Jeeps $25 gift cert - Flatbackdragon
ZM Jeeps $25 gift cert - Bigun
ZM Jeeps $25 gift cert - Ralph Rogers
ZM Jeeps FSJ Rocker Panels - Frank
Shimniok Door Springs - Hoot
Shimniok Door Springs - ne715
Shimniok Door Springs - Waggy401
Shimniok Door Springs - Heimeken
Gary Miller Stainless Battery Tray - Waggy401
Little House of Dexron Fire Estinguisher - Heimeken
Little House of Dexron Fire Estinguisher - Ralph Rogers
Little House of Dexron Fire Estinguisher - River Rat
SMS Headliners Custom Kick Panels - Casey (Ralph Rogers bro-n-law)
Uglyjeepling K&N Air Filter - thunderpuppy
River Rat 1 Off Invasion Logo in print framed - Heimeken
River Rat 1 Off Invasion Logo in print framed - Casey
Jubilee Jeeps Tonka Fire Chief Waggy - Bigun
jsinajeep donation Men's XL T shirt - Leroy
jsinajeep donation Women's XL T shirt - kennyh (wow)
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - River Rat
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - kennyh
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - Frank
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - Flatbackdragon
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - jsinajeep
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - GAchoptop
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - Gambler68
Jubilee Jeeps "got ouray?" decal - jsinajeep

The hot $10 tickets:
ZM Jeeps HEI Dizzy for AMC V8 - thunderpuppy
TT Fabworks SOA and Shackle Reverse Kit - Hoot
BJ's Offroad Dozer II Bumper w/winch bracket - Ben Gibson (son of David from Houston)

We had great ticket sales bringing in $700. With BethAnn's efforts (THANK YOU!) the T-shirt sales brought in $300. Thanks to everyone who pitched in! Especially the vendors: BJs Offroad, TT Fabworks, ZM Jeeps, Gary Miller and SMS Headliners. Members are encouraged to shop at the IFSJA Vendor Forum.

Once the raffle was over, a 401 Cherokee came up for sale.................


A placque will be laid on the wall at the new Ouray Mountain Rescue Team facility that reads:

Thank You Ouray!

By BEVERLY CORBELL The Daily Sentinel - Grand Junction, CO

Sunday, January 28, 2007
OURAY — Ouray Mountain Rescue has faced some steep challenges in its 33-year history, but one of the toughest is finding a home of its own. The all-volunteer rescue team, renowned for its expertise in rugged mountain terrain, has been jammed in a small bay at the fire station, which it has long outgrown. A recent $20,000 matching grant, however, from the Denver-based Gates Family Foundation and $35,000 from another foundation that wants no publicity, has put OMR closer to having enough money to complete a 2,800-square-foot, two-story building overlooking the Ouray Ice Park in the Uncompahgre Gorge.

“We’ll also have a three-bay garage to house all the vehicles and equipment and a spot to dry out the equipment after rescues,” said Jeff Skoloda, captain of the team. “A lot of our equipment sits outside in the winter, and it’s a lot harder to respond to an emergency.” The top floor of the building will be rented out for community meetings, which is needed because the city just closed its public meeting room for office space. With the motto, “Anyone, anywhere, anytime,” the 30-member team specializes in high-angle rescues, Skoloda said, necessary in the mountain peaks and canyons surrounding Ouray.

“A good portion of our members are skilled and frequent users of the backcountry,” he said. “They’re climbers and use technical rope skills on a regular basis.”
But more money is needed for the vital service in the small mountain town, which already has shown its support. Skoloda said he always is amazed by the team members who turn out and the way the community comes out to help when a rescue is required.

“You see all your neighbors and friends, whether or not they’re part of OMR or EMS or the fire department,” he said. “It’s always heartwarming.” The community’s financial support also is heartwarming, Skoloda said. “We raised over $60,000 in donations from locals and tourists, which is really big,” he said. “Most foundations told us in a community our size, the most we could hope to raise is $20,000.” Another $50,000 is needed to finish the building, which still needs electrical work, plumbing, drywall and insulation, member and grant writer Garry Schalla said.

To date, more than $139,000 has been raised, Schalla said, and rescue-team members have put in more than 700 hours working on the building. Donations are welcome, and checks can be sent to Ouray Mountain Rescue, P.O. Box 220, Ouray, CO, 81427. For a contribution of $100 or more, the donor can have an inscribed brick in the finished facility.