Yankee Boy Basin - July 16

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Saturday, we all took time to go to Ouray Rotary Park for some group photos before hitting the trails. Before we could go anywhere (Phoebe was down with split power steering hose and BeachMaster was down with brake leaks), we had to replace the rear drive shaft u-joints on Wally. Then a group of us went to scout out Yankee Boy up at 12,400 feet. Jeepstress, Ryan and I joined up with Ralph and Emily Rogers, Paul (J10/20 Project) and Charlie (Bigun) for kind of a late start. Michael, Scott and Toby had headed up to Yankee Boy earlier and we had a chance to stop and visit with them along the way. Plenty of FSJs on the trail this day. We got up to the last ridge before the basin and waited for Paul to run his XJ through some snow before the basin entrance. We wanted to visit Bones the Wondermutt at his resting place but was happy to get as close as we did. The flowers were just starting to really pop their colors along the way. Another beautiful day in above the tree line! =8-)

More ghost towns

Swelled river banks

On the rise

It was like this...

And like that...

Paul takes the XJ rafting!

Mini gathering of FSJs

Peaceful waters

Rain and hail was waiting

on the rise ahead

Can't beat it

Plenty snow

Cool air

Do we tackle the snow?

Got Altitude?



It's all down from here

Taking it all in

Ralph and Emily

Paul coming back down

Got Snow?

Paul is stoked to make the top!

Ralph grinning

for miles...

where does it stop?




Peace on High

Deep Peace dear Bones


Trail to Imogene, plenty water