FSJ Repairs

The Rocky Mountains have seen a few FSJs parked for various repairs over the years. Don S, above, has some fuel line repairs to do in 1989 near Taylor Pass. No trip to Ouray is perfect in this sense, but we have great fellowship and help with our FSJ challenges. Below, we have a few shots of work that was done this year.

Kenny (Coletrickle) has a small leak in one of his tires. Steve helped out by providing
a few Safety Seals. This is not recommended but worked!

Close up view. =8-)

We had to drop the fuel tank in Phoebe to fix the o-ring seal on the fuel sender.

Kenny & Kerry added pusher fans to keep the temps down.
Here's Kenny at it... Who's sandwich is that anyway? =8-)

We had good fellowship at the KOA while repairs were performed.

Jamie has some flex issues on Poughkeepsie trail. These C-clamps have been in this
position before on Battle Axe trail in Arizona. =8-)

Closer look at broken spring...

Then on Saturday, Toby lost the drain plug on his tranny. Turns out a hood pin fit in
there pretty
good and provided another 10 horsepower because it was chrome! =8-)