Corkscrew Gulch - July 14

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Thursday, we headed off to Ironton Mine for group photos. Well, the group I was in front of went with me somewhere else above there on the Corkscrew Gulch trail. I goofed and missed the turn for Ironton. So, we got to a place where we could get radio contact and decided everyone can stop again at the treeline and take the next break. Krista had developed a migraine by the time we stopped, so Ryan and I and Krista headed back to Ouray so I could get her a script for muscle relaxers. Her neck was in quite the bind from stress of getting to Ouray and the new house buying activities we had going on. It cut our day short, but Krista got her meds and took an afternoon nap to recover. Then we partied that night! =8-)

Corkscrew - Don S

Rest Stop near Treeline