Buffalo Boy Mine - July 15

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Friday, we took off with Charlie (Bigun), Michael and Amy Shimniok and Toby to Buffalo Boy Mine. We had not been there before, so we were pretty psyched to check out a new trail. The weather greated us with warm sun and a few clouds. The old mine is mostly intact and in fair condition. There was still plenty of snow at 12,600 feet. The water in the small lake and creek put a chill on us warm blooded types. Charlie had a little trouble with the propane fed FSJ cross-breed, but it proved itself pretty well that day. Jeepstress' Phoebe has been suffering from spline slippage in the front output of her QT and was parked before we got to the top. She didn't seem to mind waiting, but demanded more attention later when the power steering hose split on the way back down. We made a baindaid out of heater hose and clamps and just kept pouring tranny fluid in as needed. It was a beautiful day to be above the treeline!

1st stop on the road to Stoney

Pass and Buffalo Boy Mine

Photo Op!

5 FSJs on the Warpath


Towers and cable run

Imagine working here?

Buffalo Boy Mine

Got Altitude?

2 plus mile high scenery!

Luna making rounds


Cooling our feet in the creek


It's all down from here!

Flowers too

I'm free!

Bigun above tree line!

Cable cart pulley

Troubled Child


Soaking it all in

and having lunch

Headed down

Round the bend

Phoebe waited below

Pit Stop!

Giterdun Bigun!

Rocky Mountain

HIGH in Colorado!